Some happy Swedes

DETROIT — Sweden won just its second World Junior hockey title Thursday night, defeating Russia in overtime, 1-0. It was the country’s first title since 1981.

“Anytime you watch your country, especially with it being so long since Sweden won it, it was a tough one to watch (because of intensity),” Niklas Kronwall said. “I was just so happy for the guys, just the way they did it, they did the whole country proud.

“It is huge (back home),” Kronwall continued. “For the two weeks it’s going on, it’s a big deal. When they’re doing well, it’s even bigger. They had a really good team this year. Maybe not the high-end players they had in the past, they just had an overall great depth and goaltending and their D-men were outstanding.”

Sweden outshot Russia 58-17.

“I’m not happy, but I know our guys played hard,” Pavel Datsyuk said. “Sometimes you feel bad, not feel fresh, but Sweden played better, they were more fresher. But I’m proud of how our team played. They gave everything. They had tough night.”


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