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DETROIT — Jan Mursak will make his second trip with the team to Nashville, but that doesn’t mean he’s close to returning to the lineup. “Until he can turn and have agility, he’s not even close,” Babcock said. “He’s coming, but I haven’t seen any agility out of him yet.”

The Wings evened their road record to 7-7-0 after Tuesday’s win.

“We were great defensively last year on the road and awful at home, 29th in the league to second,” Babcock said. “We had the second-best road team in the NHL. This year it doesn’t look like we’re very good on the road, so I don’t know what I did over the summer that different, but the reality is we really tried to commit to being better defensively.

“In this league it’s hard to outscore the other team,” Babcock added. “If you play well defensively, you got a better chance. Our penalty kill on the road’s been good, our penalty kill at home’s been no good, so I don’t know the answer to that either.”

The Wings now have fifth best goals against in the league, allowing 2.17 goals a game.

“We pride ourselves in being good defensively, that’s how we’ve won a championship here,” Cleary said. “We all believe that’s how you win in the end. The other side of it is Howie’s had a spectacular season. Anytime your goalie is your best player you’re goals-against is going to be good.”


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