Mursak keeps improving

DETROIT — Jan Mursak continues to be on the fast road to recovery from the fractured ankle he suffered in the preseason.

“It’s going pretty good,” Mursak said. “Everyday it’s a lot better and I can do more stuff. There’s still certain things I can’t do. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks it gets better and I can get back on the ice and start skating.”

Mursak, who has been out of his walking boot a week ago and was out of his cast two weeks ahead of schedule, doesn’t know the exact date he can return skating.

“We’ll see how it progresses and then we’ll decide,” Mursak said. “It’ll be at least a couple of weeks.

“I think I’m back sometime around Christmas, maybe a week earlier,” Mursak added. “It’s looking pretty good right now and we’ll see how it goes.”

He’s still unable to run or jump in his off-ice training and he can’t put much weight on his toes.

“It takes time to stretch that ankle because it’s so stiff,” Mursak said. “We’ll see in the next few weeks how it goes.

“I don’t think it will affect my speed,” Mursak continued. “It’s just an ankle. The speed doesn’t come really from the ankle it comes from your thighs and legs. So I don’t worry about that stuff.”


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