Getting 400 made it easier for Osgood to retire

DETROIT — Chris Osgood made it official Tuesday, announcing his retirement after 17 seasons in the NHL, 14 of which were with the Red Wings.

Osgood was just the 10th goalie in league history to reach 400 wins, doing so last season on the road against the Colorado Avalanche on Dec. 27.

Reaching 400 wins made retiring a bit easier for Osgood.

“I would not have,” Osgood said when asked if he would have retired had he not reached 400 wins for his career. “I definitely would not have.

“I was going to play until I got it, regardless,” Osgood added. “I was going to do whatever it took to get to 400 (wins). If I wouldn’t have got it I probably would be playing again.”

Osgood, 38, finished with a career record of 401-216-66-42 (W-L-T-OTL), a 2.49 goals-against average and .905 save percentage. He recorded 50 shutouts.

“That might sound selfish, but that would have been my decision,” Osgood said. “To be stuck on 399 I probably would have regretted it for the rest of my life.”

Osgood won three Stanley Cups, two as a starter (1998 and 2008).

He ranks eighth in league history in playoff wins, recording 15 shutouts.

Osgood is the second winningest goalie in Wings history with 317. Terry Sawchuk tops the list with 352.


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