Holland becomes a U.S. citizen

DETROIT — Ken Holland, along with his wife Cindi and youngest daughter Rachel, became citizens of the United States on Tuesday.

“When I became an assistant manager here in the late 90s and it became clear I wanted to carve out a career in the National Hockey League, I wanted to become a United States citizen,” Holland said. “We got our green card and shortly after in the early 2000s we applied for our citizenships.”

Holland, 55, just finished his 30th season at Wings’ organization, spending the last 15 as general manager. He began working as a scout before becoming the director of amateur of scouting and then assistant general manager.

“It’s an exciting day for our family,” said Holland, who will hold a dual citizenship. “The United States has really provided me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and my children. This is home to them. It was just natural for us to become citizens so we can vote and become Americans.”

Holland’s youngest son, Greg, is in the process of becoming a citizen as well.

“Hopefully he’s not too far behind,” Holland said. “The oldest one I waited to long and we weren’t able to sponsor him. He does want to follow with the rest of the family though.”

Brad, 30, is the oldest son.

Julie, 28, was born in Binghamton, New York so she’s been an American since her birth.

“The kids went to grade school here and to university so it’s become home,” Holland said.


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