Does this sound like Draper is sitting?

DETROIT — Here’s what Kris Draper had to say about his insertion into the lineup for Game 3.

“It’s of my hands,” Draper said. “Something like that, this time of the year it’s out of a player’s hand.

“I guess you kind of look at it that I wish we were up 2-0 and I wasn’t playing, to be honest with you,” Draper continued. That would be a good thing, but as much as I want to play I’d rather be in a situation where we were up 2-0. That’s not the case and obviously some changes are going to be made.”

Wings coach Mike Babcock said he has yet to decide on Wednesday’s lineup or line combinations.

“I found out this morning,” Draper said. “I just want to get out there and play. I’m looking forward to getting in the lineup and playing. I’m just a spoke in the wheel. I just want to use my energy and enthusiasm. I’ve played a lot of hockey with (Darren Helm and Patrick Eaves) before and we’ve always felt we can do some good things.”


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