Shark bait

DETROIT — The Sharks have now won nine of the last 11 games against the Wings.

“You turn around and go home now and get ready for the next game,” Nickals Lidstrom said. “That’s how you have to approach it. You can’t be feeling sorry for yourself or thinking that we blew a chance. You just have to recover as a team and regroup and get ready for the next game.”

All six of San Jose’s last postseason wins against Detroit have all been one goal.

“I don’t know about getting in your head,” Wings coach Mike Babcock said. “When they beat you they beat you. I think our belief in ourselves and our plan, the execution we have, I don’t question that whatsoever.

“I thought they were better than us (Friday) night,” Babcock added. “I thought the game was more even (Sunday). They still won more 50-50 pucks. We’re going home, we’ll have our crowd, we’ve got to do something with it.”

The Wings’ only win last year’s best-of-seven series with San Jose came in Game 4.

“It’s exactly the same, down 2-0,” Brian Rafalski said. “Going home we got to find a way to win Game 3.

“It’s definitely doable,” Rafalski added. “You see some of the things that happened in the first round. Just got to focus on that game, you win one game and it puts a little pressure on them.”


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