Quotes from Wings 10-3 loss to Blues

DETROIT — “It was embarrassing,” Henrik Zetterberg said. “They outplayed us at every level. It’s disgusting to play a game like that. I don’t know what to say. It really got out of hand.”

“We weren’t very good and the puck kept going into our net,” Wings coach Mike Babcock said. “Thank God it’s over. It looked like it was never going to end there for awhile. This was obviously unacceptable.

“And they had one (goal) called off,” Babcock added. “Anyway you look at it it’s more than a touchdown and it’s ugly. Players watched it and went through it, I did the same thing and it’s going to be here right till we play next. ”

Detroit finishes the month of March 5-5-4.

“They weren’t great, they were just like the rest of us,” Babcock said about his two goalies. “The harder you try sometimes the more disorganized you look.”

“It’s two weeks before the playoffs and we should be playing a lot better than this,” Zetterberg said. “If we play like this in the playoffs it’s going to be an early exit.

“Today we really got outworked,” Zetterberg added. “You just have to go home and forget about it and come down tomorrow and work your (tails) off.”


One response to “Quotes from Wings 10-3 loss to Blues

  1. Please. No more of the excuses. The wings “D” can’t hang with the other Western division teams. The Goalies for the wings. I’d get more action and saves from a pee-wee goalie. You give me three lines of good old Draper, Helm, and Ablekater. These guy’s give there all. Oh! by the way guy’s checking is allowed in this sport.Try it you may win a game. And Babcock. You have to go. I played hockey in Michigan as a youngster. You got a good team handed to you. And a remark like “It was a touchdown score” If I was the owner of the team. Your Fanny would be out the door. Infact! I wish the owner would give me a month as coach. I’d show you how to rip some fanny and start benching some of these so called pro’s. Where in the hell did the pride of this team go. You got Michiganders that take their last money to see you play. A REAL HURT FAN. OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF KANSAS.But Michigan Born

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