Lilja’s future uncertain

DETROIT – Time is running out for Andreas Lilja.

As the Wings continued to prep for training camp in Traverse City, Lilja is contemplating his future.

“I’ve got no clue,” Lilja said. “If I knew something I would tell you, but I have no clue. There would be no one happier than more to know.”

Lilja has been skating with his former teammates at Joe Louis Arena for the past two weeks as he looked to latch on with another NHL team.

Lilja, who turned down a one-year deal worth $1 million earlier this summer, has had offers to play in Russia, but his first choice would be the stay in the NHL.

“I’ve got to look at all my options,” said Lilja, who must decide what he wants to do by Oct. 10 because that’s when his visa expires. “I could go home and come back, but that’s not optimal for my kids to go to school.

“(The Red Wings) have been really nice,” Lilja added. “They’ve tried to help out as much as they can. I really appreciated that, but I’ve got to look at all my options and see what’s best for me.”

There is a very good possibility Lilja, who may even consider a stint Grand Rapids before something opens up in the league, will be on the team bus when they leave for Traverse City Thursday.

“Possibly,” Lilja said when asked if he’d be on the bus today. “I just have to wait out today and see what happens. If nothing happens I’ve got to look at other options.”


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