For the dogs

DETROIT — Patrick Eaves brought his dog, Rueben, into the locker room after practice and had two stories to share.

First was the reason why his two-year-old, 130-pound Newfoundland was at the JLA. The second was to tell how Rueben was formally introduced to he and his wife’s first child.

Rueben was there to shoot a public service announcement for the Michigan Humane Society’s 5th annual Mega March for Animals at Hart Plaza on Oct. 3.

As for introducing Norah …

“We weren’t sure how that was going to go, but we have a really good trainer who kind of helped out, gave us some pointers,” Eaves said. “When Norah was in the hospital I’d bring home her clothes until he got used to her smell.

“(We) just put her on the bed and put him on the bed and they had to figure it out themselves,” Eaves continued. “It took a little bit, but then he gave her a big lick and smelled her over and now he’s a big brother and best friend.”


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